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Your Skype Consultation  

Skype allows you to enjoy a face-to-face consultation with your dietitian from the comfort of your own home.

Here's how it works.

The consultation will be conducted the same as if you were sitting in our office. Through our webcams your dietitian will be able to see you, and you will be able to see your dietitian. This is great as it makes communication better for both sides. Your dietitian will be taking notes into her client file software (as she would if you were in her office) so she may be looking away from the camera some of the time; likewise you may need to look away at times to write/type notes as well.

Your dietitian will ask you questions to establish a picture for you both of your current eating habits, so you can discuss suitable changes which may be helpful for you.

If there are some details that your dietitian needs to explain to you she may switch her screen to a powerpoint presentation which you will be able to see so that she can step you through the details. Once that is finished she will switch you both back to webcam mode to continue discussions.

If required, your dietitian will email any handouts etc to you. These will be in pdf format so can be read on any computer. If you don't alre ady have software to read this type of file you can download Adobe Reader (free).

What you need to do:

Before your appointment day:

  1. Call Newtown Nutrition to book a Skype appointment ( International clients may prefer to use the contact form)
  2. Download Skype (available on PC/laptop for Windows and Mac; smartphones and tablets for Android and Apple) create a Skype login with your email address (if you don't already have this)
  3. Click on this link to fill out a form with your details
  4. Organise payment, if required (see details below)

On the day:

  1. Log on to Skype ahead of your appointment time
  2. Check that your microphone, speakers and webcam are working properly.  Try making a 'test call'   to 'Skype  test call' (in your contacts) to check the volume of your microphone and speakers.  If you hear feedback or screeching from your speakers try using headphones instead
  3. Your dietitian will start a Video Call at your appointment time

Payment for your consultation

Amanda: Initial consultation (60mins) is $150, or $225 if you have booked a 90min family consultation.

                  Follow-up consultations (30mins) are $75 

Kate / Ines: initial consultation (60mins) is $160, or $240 if you have booked a 90min family consultation.

                  Follow-up consultations (30mins) are $80, 

Liz: initial consultation (60mins) is $180, or $270if you have booked a 90min family consultation.

               Follow-up consultations (30mins) are $90, 

OR save with our pre-purchased package deals - ask your dietitian for details

Payment options

You have 2 options for payment

 1. Make your consultation payment via EFT internet banking into Newtown Nutrition account:

  • Bank -    St George
  • Account Name -  Newtown Nutrition
  • BSB - 112 879
  • Account Number -  153190781
  • Please add your name in the reference so we can recognise your payment
  2. If you wish to pay by Credit Card you can provide these details to your dietitian during your consultation and she will process the payment on-the-spot (please note this payment        will be conducted within your consultation so it may reduce the amount of time you have to ask questions etc)

Tips to improve your Skype consultation

Create a consultation space

The consultation will be conducted the same as if you were sitting in our office. You will be asked questions about your eating habits and food intake and perhaps about your digestion or any symptoms you may be experiencing that may be related to food. You will need to be in a quiet space, away from distractions; you will need a place that you feel comfortable talking about personal issues about your food and eating habits. Some tips that might help you include

  • If you have a laptop take it to your bedroom or office, or somewhere else that you can shut the door
  • Make sure the kids (and pets!) have distractions or are looked after by someone else
  • Find a comfortable seat where you can see the webcam and screen easily you will be  sitting for an hour during your first consultation
  • Grab a pen and paper, or if you prefer, open a new Word document that you can type notes  through the consultation
  • If you have any things (product samples, food diary, medications etc) that you want to share  with your dietitian, make sure you organise these ahead of time so they are within easy  reach
  • If you have any particular questions that you would like to ask your dietitian write them  down so you have them ready to go

Your consultation

Make sure you are seated at your computer with plenty of time to log onto Skype before your consultation time.

Your dietitian will start a video call over Skype at your consultation time.

Your consultation will be conducted just the same as if you were sitting in your dietitian's office. Keep a pen & paper handy so you can take notes during your consultation.

After the consultation your dietitian will email you any handouts relevant to the issues you discussed.

Don't forget to make an appointment for your next Skype consultation to  discuss your progress. 

New to Skype?

You can download Skype software for free, the follow the prompts to install it on your computer (or you can use the free Skype app on your smartphone or tablet device)
To use Skype you will need to create a Skype login - you can sign up for free using your email address
Login to Skype before your consultation to see how it works and practice using it. You can make a 'test call' to see if your microphone & speakers/headphones are working (click on 'Skype Test Call' in your list of Contacts)